So This Clown from the Suburbs Comes to Times Square and Tries to Blow it Up. . .

Enough with the aggrandizement of pathetic losers once they whisper the word “jihad” in response (ineffectively) to their career and marriage frustrations. Enough with “he trained in Pakistan”–to do what? Rumble a smoking car into a busy intersection with a back seat full of propane that a braver man would have ignited himself and died for his convictions?

And I’ve had it with “getting even for American aggression abroad” when the perpetrator has been buckling down with data for an American purveyor of fine fragrances to pay for his house in Connecticut.

Has anyone noticed that what we have here is less a political response to American aggression than a confused excuse for bad behavior by a guy that had soured on the paltry comforts of the American dream? Apparently he just didn’t want to work in a cubicle, commute two hours from the suburbs, support his wife and kids–and decided to blow up a bunch of innocent strangers because he was too much of a chickenshit to take his own life like he really wanted to.

It’s not hard to picture his frustration: upper-middle class upbringing, indifference at Universtiy, a creative, braggadocio streak, frustration at work, confused identity (Islamic sexism combined with American libertinism), more than a touch of wounded, sanctimonious self-righteousness–some half-witted suggestions from a so-called Shiek looking for willing fools to lay trouble at the feet of the Great Satan–and poof! Suddenly he’s the vanguard of Islamic resistance. Except, not.

No, he’s just a bigoted, deluded, self-important loser who decided to misbehave in the big-town one night and got nailed by the pros a few hours later.