Obambi Turns into Chief Knockahoma?

I am looking at stories one, two and three at the Daily Beast. Senate Ratifies START treaty. Obama Signs DADT. Senate Passes 9/11 Health Bill. And that does not include the surprisingly well-received tax bill he got passed.

Is this not like the champion coming off the ropes near the end of his stamina (it seems)–then flying forth with a left right left that lands hard upon the Obamahaters’ collective chins?

Does this not show a man resilient enough to come off the ropes with plans intact and executable? Almost by slipping through a closing portal, he emerged with these votes in his favor, first the tax bill, then three fairly major pieces of legislation the success of any of which no one was even talking about a month and a half ago.

This is akin, for what it is worth, to a third baseman down on his luck in the playoffs suddenly going 3 for 4 with several ribbies in a deciding contest. Kind of stuff stars are made of.

Anyone who forgot Obama is a Brainiac had better remember now. Whether you like him or not, he’s got the bully pulpit and he’s got more grey matter and fortitude than a dozen others like him. And this one-two-three salvo is the opening of Obama 2012.

We’ve always suspected Obama simply has to “not be lame” to be re-elected, given the Republicans’ distinct lack of big-tentedness (Sarah: 30% and holding; Barbour: Confederate confederacy; Romney: Mormon with dog on car roof; Pawlenty: oh, that was last time, sorry; Huckabee: Christer homilies’ll get you to the Arkansas statehouse but not the White House; Jindal: okay, as long as this is for extra credit; Rand Paul: too smart for you guys); but there have been times when, having lost his footing some, Obama may have appeared vulnerable to a creditable primary challenge. I believe now when people look back on years one and two,they will have to admit: Saved Economy From Depression On First Day in Office; Created Platform for a National Health; Appointed Two Super-smart New York Women to the High Bench; Kept Sharron Angle out of the Senate; Extended Middle-Class Tax Cuts; Ratified START; Ended DADT; Passed 9/11 Health Bill. ‘Nuf?

Anyone who cares, and understands what it would be like with the Insane Clown Posse in charge, knows that, whether or not you feel he gets a big smiley face on his half-term paper, you will be swinging the lever for the big O come 2012.