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This blog is written by Andrew Edwards.

I write generally about digital technology, culture, politics, media, urban life, cryptids, the occasional conspiracy theory and, lamentably but I believe not often enough to annoy, The New York Mets.

You can read about me on LinkedIn or. . .

I’ve been working in digital marketing since the 1980s when I created the first desktop publishing department for the Yellow Pages. In the 1990s I created a bunch of web sites for big companies. In the 21st Century I took to measuring the user activity on web sites for big companies. In 2004 I was a co-founder of the Digital Analytics Association. I also am a nationally exhibited painter  (surrealism would come close to describing my work); as well as a frequent writer for ClickZ, an on line digital marketing magazine. I’ve also written a book called “Digital is Destroying Everything” which is to be published later this year.

This blog was started in 2007 or so and then discontinued for a time (rather a long time); this is the revival. You will find in the archives the older posts, some of which are still relevant today (and some probably not!)

My Twitter handle is @AndrewVEdwards and I have about 1500 followers.



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