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There’s No Crying in Baseball, But There IS in Soccer?

Or futbol.

By now every sports fan and many non-sports fans know that home-team Brazil got eliminated from the World Cup by Germany 7-1 in an almost unimaginably lopsided game.

The Brazilians seemed broken almost from the start and they were made to look very poorly before their own fans (who apparently take this stuff as seriously as the US did the Cuban Missile Crisis).

Upon losing, the players were interviewed and at least one of them, weeping openly, began to get existential in his lament: “maybe it was meant to be”. . .”maybe it’s one of those things you learn from” etc. And more tears.

Are you kidding me?

Even allowing for cultural differences, this wailing seemed inelegant and perhaps even unseemly. Guys: it is ONLY A GAME for heavens’ sake.

I can understand fans weeping. They can do what they want as paying customers.

But what comparison can we make to any US sportsperson behaving like a little kid that just got told his playdate was over before its time? I would think none.

Imagine for a moment the calamitous loss by the Yankees to the Sox in the World Series a few years back. This was the biggest choke in baseball history by the most valuable sports franchise in the world. I noticed the players looked glum and maybe even on the verge of tears–but can you imagine if, say, Derek Jeter or Mariano were to come before the cameras in disarray and crying about the cruelty of fate?

I think even hardcore fans would act like the rubbish can was just opened and they’d have to turn away.

I imagine that here in the US, with our team gone and the other losers crying their eyes out, our very brief romance with soccer may be already over. I know I’m not much interested in a game where the National Honor seems at stake and where a tough loss leads to the players falling apart emotionally on camera.

As far as baseball–as Ernie Banks once said, “Let’s play two!”